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Hari Prast


Skillful in illustration and comic arts, Hari Prast is heavily inspired by the style of the works of the great European artists/illustrators of the 20th century pioneered by Hergé’s ligne claire (or clear line), whose one of the characteristics is a combination of cartoonish characters against detailed and realistic background. In his works, Hari very often deals with social issues emerging in Indonesian dynamical society, as clearly demonstrated in his demokreatif series.


Tomodachi Studio


Kemas, Basith and Ikhwan share their passion for drawing and illustration. The trio of illustrators’ passion is what led to the founding of Tomodachi Studio. The studio creates works of arts on multiple media, with illustration works as their focus. Not only making arts on canvas and paper, they also have their works grace various merchandise, like stickers, books and tote bags. Taking inspiration and styles from Japanese pop culture, theirs are fresh, bold and colorful; while at the same time surreal and maintaining pop sensibilities. 

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Arris Aprillo


Soon after graduating from Design & Visual Communication faculty at Trisakti University, Arris Aprillo started to work in a design firm for several years. Gradually, he shifted his focus more into illustrations. With his background in design, he combines printing different techniques in his illustrations. Not only working with conventional media, he also does digital artwork with the style of surrealism. Among other styles, his works are influenced by Studio Ghibli, as well as the works of Alphonse Mucha and Raden Saleh. Through art, the co-founder of Studiomili Illustration believes that goodness is often invisible but clearly undeniable. 

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Arya Mularama


Going the more traditional route than other of his contemporaries, Arya Mularama creates his surreal and satirical artworks using marker pens, acrylics and watercolors. His drawings of the un-dead, monsters, zombies as well as familiar and not-so-familiar sci-fi characters are influenced by comic books, skateboarding lifestyle, punk rock, and the DIY movement of the ‘90s. He co-founded and is Head of Creative and Production Department of the art community, Kopi Keliling, based in Jakarta.

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Atreyu Moniaga


Born on December 9, 1988, Atreyu Moniaga studied Communication & Visual Design at Jakarta Art Institute (Institut Kesenian Jakarta). He is a renowned multimedia illustrator and painter, who also designs characters for various media. His works are noticeable for soft colors and often quirky characters. Currently, he also lectures at Universitas Bunda Mulia.

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Bernie Barto


A mixed-media artist, Bernie Barto has created works that are heavily influenced by Fantasy & Carnival rampant in 1990’s Jakarta, as well as hip hop cultures. Many of his works carry his signature: eyes against purple color/background, from where his works expand into various forms of arts. His murals are found in various corners of the country, distinguishable for his signature colors and objects. Bernie’s latest involvement in Jakarta mural scene is at Micro Galleries project in Kebon Nanas area, South Jakarta, in early October 2017. 

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Bunga Fatia


One of Indonesian young street/graffiti artists, Bunga Fatia co-founded Lads on Wall, the first Indonesian female street artist movement. Born in Jakarta in 1990, she got interested in mural paintings in 2010, and has since then represented the country in several international mural painting exhibitions, including The Rebel Daughters - Southeast Asia Female Street Artists event, in Singapore, in 2014 and ASEAN-ROK Graffiti and Contemporary Dance Festival in the Philippines in October 2017. Until today, she has done street arts in more than 20 cities in five countries. 

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Cherry Virginia


Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Cherry Virginia Chandra is a mural artist, currently working and enjoying life in Bali. Her works are noticeable for their use of strong black-and-white patterns which make up the objects, creating her signature patterns and styles that may be seen as part vignettes and part decorative arts. She is also inspired by characters from movies she enjoys watching and the works of Iain MacArthur. She’s taken part in Rotterdam Int’l Art Fair in 2016, and has drawn murals in some Southeast Asian countries, like Vietnam and Thailand.

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Dhado Wacky


A street artist from Tangerang, Indonesia, Dhado Wacky has created murals that boast realistic style. His works depict the issues of the day in the society. Saying that with his arts he aims at interacting with the people and narrates a realist style and characters taken from the concept of social life around him, as he has his works scattered around Tangerang and Jakarta. He is active among other mural artists in the country, and founded Youth Rebel Ind merchandise studio.

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The Artists

Hana Madness


Hana Alfikih or well known as Hana Madness is a Jakarta-based visual artist.  Her visual creations are monsters that are cuter in appearance than horrible looking, thus, making them recognizable. She started to paint and joined exhibitions when she was in high school, and uses the characters to describe her mental problem; she is diagnosed to have schizophrenic bipolar disorder. Currently she does paintings, doodle arts, graphic designs, murals, and handicrafts. She is also a speaker and an activist for arts and mental disability. Merchandise inspired from her works include stickers, tote bags and T-shirts.

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Mahendra Nazar


Born in Surabaya in 1986, Mahendra Nazar founded MicroB Studio in Pamulang, South Jakarta. His works can be defined as bold, dark and figurative, with the use of permanent markers.  He has taken part in several exhibitions in the country throughout the years. At his studio, MicroB Studio, he creates murals, drawings and illustrations, as well as merchandises. 

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Muchlis Fachri is a young visual artist based in Jakarta, whose works don’t necessarily confine themselves in a square space of a canvas. He is part of the street artists' crew called TAS and the artistic collective Aspaleho. Muchlis mixes or alternates between graffiti practice and conventional painting and the production of merchandise. He also founded the company JUNK NOT DEAD, producing a range of edgy and offbeat products, from posters to bags, patches and so many other things. His works are tinged with the spirit of punk cultures, pulp arts and excessive imagery, with bright contrasting colors that push the mind to journey to the wilder side of existence.

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