This year ARTOTEL Group brings ARTOTEL For Hope into a whole new different perspective where we aim for a new appointed social-preneur for a collaboration. The collaboration with private mental disability foundation is something that we are focusing on supporting people with psychological challenge, at this point is the Schizophrenia. Some of these people are healed and some are not, here we are trying to fix their path to be on track and not to harm themselves in any kind of way.

We care and we give hope for these mentally challenged-unfortunate people to be accepted in the society. The Artwork itself is reflected the soul and the expression of these artists who are challenged mentally. The abstraction work shows how they could do more from what they could imagine. Where these works truly speak their soul within, deep down in their abyss. They are truly talented and they are stars. 


If you haven't got a chance to stay but are moved to donate, simply walk in to our Receptionist and buy a postcard series with various artworks printed from some of the alumni patients of RSJ Soeharto Heerdjan. You will then be entitled to write down your 2018 hope. All the profits from your purchase will be donated to appointed local mental institution.

IDR 10.000

The Artists