Initiated by ARTOTEL Project Series, an event management under ARTOTEL Group, Urban Gigs presents 

A week full of celebrations that exhibit arts, music and lifestyle to commemorate ARTOTEL Group’s 5th anniversary 

About the event

ARTOTEL Group is entering the fifth year of its presence in the realm of Indonesia’s hospitality, and we are inviting you to join ARTOTEL WEEK that showcases the now generation of young local talents in the art and music industries.


Initiated by ARTOTEL Project Series, an event management from ARTOTEL Group, we are calling the young souls from all walks of life to join the crowd of this one-of-a-kind festival held in one of

the most historic buildings in town. 

Behind the fascinating arrays of skyscrapers and flashy cosmopolitan routines lies a historic site that has been revitalized to take you to revisit the history while celebrating the contemporary urban lifestyle. As you step into the historic site of Gedung Cipta Niaga in Kota Tua (Old Town), you will be greeted

to indulge in our celebration event that boasts art exhibition, music festival and art market. 

The “Stance of Youth” Art Exhibition is held in the front part of the building where we invite you to take a closer look at the exquisite artworks of twelve emerging local artists who have influence in the contemporary art scene.


Uniquely divided by two zones, both of which have their own character and mood, we bring the process of making artworks alive, from scratch to finishing touches. All the twelve artists are challenged to bring their own studio and share their solace in arts with the public. Here, we let you engage with the artists while you witness how they craft their own artworks, which range from painting and drawing to sculpture and installation works.

The Curator
Safrie Effendi - artotel week
Safrie Effendi

The Artists

artotel week

Art Exhibition


Urban Gigs x ARTOTEL Week

The middle part of the building is the open-air stage that can accommodate a crowd of up to 300 people. Organized by Urban Gigs, the music festival stages live music from various genres, such as indie, grunge and industries.

As you walk in, you will be blended into the music beats that escalate the euphoria of the crowd. Performing artists include Silampukau, Tokyolite, Peonies, just to name a few.

Urban Gigs x Artotel Week

Art Market

Keep exploring the historic building and you will be taken to the back part of the building, in which we host an affordable art market that offers various curated art pieces crafted by young artists. Find out more about, The F Thing, Caramia Sitompul, Racun Urban Shop, Adorama, Propan, Canvas Living, as they sell merchandises from fashion to home living objects. 

Also nestled in this indoor space is F&B corner for you to enjoy a variety of mouthwatering delicacies. Are you a coffee enthusiast? If so, you can have a glass or two from Aroma Nusantara and Warung Koffie Batavia.


Our Official Vlog Partner, Fix Productions also sets up a surprise FIX CHALLENGE video on their booth, so make sure you are recorded!

Art Market - artotel week

Art of Life

Canvas Living

Caramia Sitompul


Warung Koffie Batavia

Influencers Garage Sale by

Reggy Alexander,

Ditya Metharani,

Brigida Loudres &

many more


Gedung Cipta Niaga

The next Artotel

Standing since 1820, Gedung Cipta Niaga is one of the buildings listed under the Old Town revitalization project. Dubbed Indonesia Heritage Walk, Kota Tua (the Old Town) is where we can trace Jakarta’s rich cultural heritage and history.


With the “Stance of Youth” celebration, we invite you to revisit the city’s heritage and history at Gedung Cipta Niaga that we have transformed into contemporary space. This historic building is the next ARTOTEL, slated to open its doors next year.

We want to contribute to the old town revitalization project by creating the center of contemporary art movement, which is in line with the vision and mission of Konsorsium Kota Tua Jakarta.  

Gedung Cipta Niaga - artotel week

To make it easier, 

choose your transportation wisely.

artotel week
artotel week
rundown event - artotel week


Partners - artotel week
Partners - artotel week